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For ResearchersDate:2023.02.02 (Thu) The 251st Nichibunken Evening Seminar

Placing War in Ukraine: Comparisons and Vantage Points

Open EventDate:2023.02.10 (Fri) The 71st Nichibunken Public Lecture

Lecture I "Computer Processing of the Japanese Calendar"
by Prof. SEKINO Tatsuki

Lecture II "Nikkō Tōshō-gū: The International Dimensions of a Japanese Sacred Site"
by Prof. Timon SCREECH

Open EventDate:2023.02.14 (Tue) The 6th Nichibunken Kyoto Academic Bridge

Kyoto Culture Born from the East China Sea (東シナ海が生んだ京文化)

日文研-京都アカデミック ブリッジ
For ResearchersDate:2023.02.17 (Fri) - 2023.02.19 (Sun) 機関拠点型基幹研究プロジェクト「「国際日本研究」コンソーシアムのグローバルな新展開-「国際日本研究」の先導と開拓-」キックオフシンポジウム



国際日本文化研究センター - International Research Center for Japanese Studies

The International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken), founded in 1987, pursues international, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive research on Japanese culture.
Research themes are established from an international perspective, enlisting the participation of numerous scholars from Japan and abroad. Interdisciplinary team research is the Center's fundamental mode of scholarship.

Nichibunken's faculty includes scholars specializing in many different fields. Active research activities are underway at the Center, supported by visiting research scholars and fellows from around the world and other researchers.

Endeavors by Nichibunken- HIGHLIGHTS

Special page for events and exhibitions

  • Special page for Nichibunken Open Day (Academic year 2022)

    Visitors can enjoy videos and online exhibitions of resources curated under the theme “Analog × Digital @ NICHIBUNKEN”.

  • Emaki as Manga” Project: A Study on Reading Picture Scrolls “Emaki” in a Manga Format

    Replacing picture scrolls “Emaki” with Manga format. This Nichibunken project pursues a completely new way of reading traditional Japanese picture scrolls. Seems like it could be, but it wasn't!

  • Akashi Hiroakira and Shimadzu Genzō: Trailblazers of Modern Science and Technology in Kyoto

    Featuring abundant resources archived at Nichibunken, Kanda University of International Studies, and Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall, this online exhibition explores the unique endeavors through which Akashi and Shimadzu contributed to science and technology education in Kyoto.

  • 「縮小社会のエビデンスとメッセージ」展

    Evidence and Messages from a Shrinking Society: Population and Economy / Healthcare and Social Welfare / Education and Culture / Local and International / and Manga

    This special exhibition was held at the Kyoto International Manga Museum to broadly question the theme of the team research project "Cultural Creativity in a Shrinking Society".


Nichibunken makes publicly available databases that feature Japanese studies materials from the Center’s collection, faculty research results, and externally archived texts and images.

図書館- Library

The Nichibunken Library is known for its distinctive round reading room. Scholars and students from both Japan and abroad use this facility for its broad collection of resources for studying Japan.
The library puts particular effort into collecting Japanese studies books, documents, and materials in other languages.

Official Nichibunken YouTube channel

As a research institution open to the public and in order to assure that the Center’s achievements benefit society, Nichibunken shares the results of lectures, symposiums, and other research activities via its official YouTube channel.

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