Statistical Data

Property and Buildings (As of April 1, 2021)


Site area: 31,120 m²


Building Name Area (in m²) Function
North Research Wing 2,113 Conference rooms, laboratories and faculty offices.
South Research Wing 1,721 Individual offices for faculty members, project rooms and graduate student rooms.
International Exchange Wing 797 Facilities for providing information and resources for individual researchers and research institutions in Japan and overseas and for holding seminars and other events.
Research Exchange Wing 837 Facility for the exchange of information among Center and outside researchers, featuring comfortable, homey atmosphere.
Information and Administrative Wing 3,043 Houses the offices for research support and for the administration and management of Nichibunken.
Conference Room I 442 Conference room with a capacity of 60 for large-scale team research projects and meetings.
Library 833 Library reading room holding approximately 60,000 volumes and audio visual room.
Library Annex I 1,398 Library stacks housing 200,000 volumes and an audiovisual collections with facilities for periodical browsing and research.
Library Annex II 1,051 Library stacks mainly foreign books with facilities for periodical browsing and research.
Library Annex III 1,548 Library housing various kinds of audiovisual materials and providing for perusal and research.
Auditorium 2,239 The auditorium is used for international conferences and symposiums, as well as for public lectures.
Nichibunken Houses 1,587 Residential facilities for visiting researchers from both Japan and overseas.
Services Wing 1,130 Houses a restaurant and other service facilities for the Nichibunken faculty and other staff.
Total 18,739

Library Holdings (As of April 1, 2021)


Items Foreign language books Japanese language books Total
Japanese studies and related books in foreign languages 72,368 5,760 78,128
Basic books for Japanese studies 115,552 375,008 490,560
Indexes, catalogues, etc. of literature related to Japanese studies 2,861 9,131 11,992
Total 190,781 389,899 580,680


Items Number of titles Current subscriptions
Japanese periodicals 7,861 1,376
Foreign periodicals 1,213 143
Total 9,074 1,519

Audio-Visual Materials

Items Number of items Contents
DVDs 4,603 Japanese movies, Kabuki performances etc.
Videotapes 3,459 Japanese movies, traditional performing arts, etc.
CD-ROMs 428 Reference materials such as dictionaries
CDs 2,250 Traditional performing arts, etc.
LDs 48 Animations, etc.
LPs 8,276 Rōkyoku, etc.
Cassette tapes 132 Performing arts (Folk songs, enka), etc.
Antique photographs 5,639 Photographs taken in the late-Edo and early-Meiji era as souvenirs
Glass photographs 4,848 Glass photographic plates
Negatives of Japanese photographs 162,000 Negatives of Japanese photographs taken by ASANO Kiichi, TAKAHASHI Yoshiyuki and OKAZAKI Ayaakira

Team Research Project Members (As of May 1, 2021)

Category Number Contents
Research Members 464 Members for the eighteen team research projects.

Use of Nichibunken by Outside Researchers (2020)

Library Use

Category Number
Attendance 14,906
Books Borrowed 7,391
Book Searches 1,074
Requests for Photocopies to Other Institutions 1,419
Requests for Photocopies from Other Institutions 1,622
Interlibrary Loan Requests to Other Institutions 512
Interlibrary Loan Requests from Other Institutions 610
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