Degrees Awarded

Degree for the Japanese Studies Course

Coursework Doctorates

Year of Admission Name Title of Thesis Date of Award
1992 AOKI Jun Characteristics of Medieval Kesshu Shown in Offerings Contained in Buddhist Images: General Study of Kechien-kyomyo Including Those Made by Kaikei March 23, 1995
1992 WOO Jong Tae Symbolization of Personality Integration Shown in Irui-kontan: Japan and Korea March 21, 1996
1993 QIAN Guohong Formation of the Image of the World: Tokugawa Japan and China March 21, 1996
1993 KOBAYASHI Hiroyuki Thought in Food: Andō Shōeki September 30, 1996
1993 TSUDA Junko Tradition and Transformation of Kamiuta: The Case of Karimata Village, Miyakojima, Okinawa March 24, 1997
1994 ONAHA Maria Cecilia History of Japanese Immigrants to Argentina: Free Immigration and the Formation of a Community of Japanese Descent March 24, 1997
1994 TADA Iori The Case of the Nihon Ryoiki March 24, 1997
1994 KAMOTO Itsuko Historical and Social Study of International Marriage: between 1636 and 1899 September 30, 1997
1994 SUZUKI Noriko Modern Society in Japan and Illness: Development of Medicine for Leprosy Patients September 30, 1997
1995 KATŌ Yoshirō Religious Commentaries on the Taima Mandara and Jodo Sect in the Middle Ages March 24, 1999
1995 DOI Hiroshi A Genealogy of Muen-bochi Cemeteries March 24, 1999
1995 BART Gaens The Organization of Merchant Houses in Tokugawa Japan: A Comparison with the Low Countries March 24, 1999
1996 SHIN Chang-Ho Religion and Politics in the Formation of Korean Nationalism: Analysis of Togaku, Pro-Japan Buddhism, and Protestantism March 24, 2000
1996 ONABE Tomoko Quest for Complete Transparency: Study of "Shaho-Shinjutsu" by Endo Takanori September 28, 2001
1996 HIRAI Shōko Historical Sociology of Home and Life Course: Historical Demographic Analysis of Agricultural Communities in the Tohoku Region in Japan's Modern Ages March 22, 2002
1997 ZHAN Xiaomei Ideological and Artistic View of Tomioka Tessai's Painting Style: Study of Approbation Comments (San-bun) on Paintings by Tessai March 23, 2001
1997 TAKENOUCHI Emiko Study of Instrument Players (Gaku-shi) in Kabuki Performance: Kamigata (Kansai district) Kabuki in Japan's Modern Age September 30, 2004
1998 TANG Quan Romance Across the Sea: Personnel Exchange between China and Japan from 1684 to 1894 March 22, 2002
1998 OGAWA Naoko "Tate (Swordfights)" in Samurai Movies March 24, 2004
1998 MATSUMURA Kaoruko Study of Funzō-e: The Case of the Fukuda Kai March 24, 2004
1998 KATAHIRA Miyuki Japanese Gardens Conflict between the Formation of Images and Interpretation: Western Notions and Responses from Japan (1868-1940) September 30, 2004
1999 MORIMOTO Kazuhiko Historical Development of the "Family" Seen in Han-Danka: Quantitative Analysis of the Shumon-Aratame-Cho March 24, 2003
1999 ITŌ Naoko Development of Molded Images and Hōgu in the Religious History of Indonesia: A Comparison with Japan March 24, 2003
2000 NAGAMATSU Atsushi Study of the Beginning and Transition of Hunting in Japan from the Viewpoint of History and Folklore March 24, 2003
2000 ITŌ Akiko The Development of Statements on Science and Technology in the History and Transformation of the National Identity: Overview during the Two World Wars and the Following Period September 30, 2003
2000 ULKER Bahadir Bogac Napoleonic Wars and International System: with Special Reference to the Ottoman Empire and Japan March 24, 2005
2001 NASU Hiroo The Origin and Spread of Agriculture in China and Japan: Archaeobotanical Study of Chengtoushan Site, Hunan, China March 24, 2004
2001 IWAI Shigeki Love Poems (Renka) and Related Issues in Japanese Poetry (Kado) and Tea Ceremony (Sado): Historical Development and Social Background September 30, 2004
2001 NAKATANI Masakazu Cooking Techniques in Prehistoric East Asia Seen in Material Culture: Cases in the Coastal Region of China and Japan in the Early Agricultural Period March 24, 2005
2001 MUTŌ Shutarō The Social Sciences in Modern Japan: Reconsidering East Asia March 19, 2008
2003 LI Wei The Use of Space in Edo-Period Daimyo Gardens: A Focus on "View"(Chōbō) March 19, 2008
2003 HORI Madoka Yone Noguchi: His Life and Work as a Writer of Dual Nationality September 30, 2009
2003 TOYA Riina "Tokyo Ginza Shiseido": Fukuhara Shinzō and the Construction of Corporate Image September 30, 2010
2004 SAKAI Junichirō Educational and Cultural Interchange of Qing's International Students in Japan: Contribution of Kōbun Gakuin March 19, 2008
2004 SAWADA Harumi Traditional Theatre and Chikamatsu Monzaemon in Modern Japanese Culture: Academism/Theatre Criticism/Actor's Body March 24, 2009
2005 NAKANO Yōhei The Study of Shinano Miko: The Formation and Transformation of Popular Religious Specialist Groups in the Edo Period March 24, 2010
2005 YOKOYAMA Teruki The Edo Shogunate's Policy of Encouraging Bugei(Martial Arts): Tokugawa Yoshimune's Epochal Idea March 22, 2013
2006 MEI Dinge Changes in Guding's Thought in Manchukuo as Seen in His Translations, Works, and Publishing Activities March 24, 2010
2006 KOYAMA Shuko Taishō Shin Hanga: Birth of the Art of Modern Japanese Woodblock Print, its Structure and Development, Focusing on the Role of the Publisher March 20, 2014
2007 NAGATO Yōhei The Aesthetics of Sound and Image in the Films of Mizoguchi Kenji: The Audio-Visual Analysis of Narrative Structure March 23, 2012
2007 SUZUKI Kenkō Shunga Iconology in the Edo Period: Studies of the Background Art of Erotic Images September 28, 2012
2008 CHEN Ling Hong Japan-China Theater Exchange in the Modern Age: The Impact of Shinpa on Wenming-xi March 23, 2012
2008 TOKUNAGA Seiko A Study of the Yūzū Nembutsu Engi: Religious Belief as Seen in Medieval Illustrated Tales March 22, 2013
2008 OKAMOTO Kikuko Memorial Tree-Planting in Modern Japan: Examining Honda Seiroku's Thoughts and Achievements in Forestry March 20, 2014
2010 URUSHIZAKi Mari Textual Approaches to Edo Nagauta Music September 29, 2014
2010 HAN Lingling The Literary Activities of Kitamura Kenjiro in Manchuria March 24, 2015
2011 Anton Luis Capistrano SEVILLA Exporting the Ethics of Emptiness: Applications, Limitations, and Possibilities of Watsuji Tetsurō's Ethical System March 24, 2015
2011 CHIEN Chung-Hao "Barbarian"; The understanding of Taiwanese aborigines in Modern Japan from the Writers' point of view. March 24, 2016
2012 RONG Yuan Activities Organized by Newspaper Companies in the Connection City of Dalian: Focusing on the ManshuNichinichishimbun March 24, 2017
2012 NISHIDA Shoichi Kokutai Theorist KAKEHI Katsuhiko: His Thought and Action September 28, 2017
2013 MITSUHIRA Yuki Music Therapy and its Ideological Foundation in the Edo and Meiji Periods: A Study of the Reception of the Healing Qualities of Music in Chinese Nourishing Life Doctrines and western Music Therapy. March 24, 2016
2013 USAMI Tomoyuki The Society of the Northern Kyushu Region in the Yayoi Period as Seen from the Development and Changes of Settlements March 23, 2018
2013 KOIZUMI Tomonori The History of Childhood Sexuality in Early Modern and Modern Japan March 23, 2018
2013 YAMAMURA Shou A Genealogy of Understanding Yang-Ming Learning in Modern Japan March 23, 2018
2014 KIMISHIMA Ayako A Study of Kannon Statuary and Faith in Prayers for Peace March 22, 2019
2014 Gouranga Charan PRADHAN Reception of Hōjōki in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century England and America: With a focus on Natsume SōSeki's English Translation of the Work March 22, 2019
2014 OISHI Masumi Japanese TV Commercials in the 1970s and 1980s:
A Perspective based on the Structure and Ordering of Image Components
September 28, 2020
2014 SAKA Chihiro From Old Hag in Hell to Guide to the Pure Land: An Examination of the Representation of Datsueba in Literature and Visual Imagery Together with Rituals and Worship Practices March 22, 2019
2014 SHUNTŌ Ken'ichi The Humane Treatment of Animals in Postwar Japan: Social Movements for the Humane Treatment (of Dogs and Cats) and the Administration and Management of Animal Protection, 1947-2000 September 27, 2019
2015 KATAOKA Mai Between Shōsetsu and the 'Novel': With a Focus on the English Translation and the Publishing Process of Modern Japanese Novels in Post-war Japan September 27, 2019
2015 TAMURA Miyuki Disability and Gender in Modern Japanese Literature: Body, Sex, Writing March 24, 2021
2015 Masuda Itsuki Shūsaku Endō and the postwar experience: fumi-e and tenkō as literary practice for wartime Christian authors September 28, 2023
2016 SONG Qi Shinto, Confucianism and Buddhism or "Three Teachings Thought" in the Late Edo Period: An Analysis of Form and Structure March 24, 2021
2016 SHAN Hejun Transformation of Urban Space in Modern Qingdao: Continuity and Discontinuity of Japanese Elements September 28, 2021
2017 Gao Yanwen The Discursive Space of "Manchurian and Mongolian Settlement": Focusing on Continental Settlement Literature March 24, 2022
2018 Kuba Tomoyo The Perception of Space in Classical Japan March 24, 2023
2018 Chen Yijie Seeing the West in Japan: A Study of Western Influences on Fu Baoshi March 24, 2022
2018 Song DanDan Rock legends in body and mind - examining rites of passage September 28, 2023
2019 Ye Xiaoyao "Kyoto" in the Work of Kawabata Yasunari:Wartime and Postwar Periods March 24, 2022

Thesis Doctorates

Name Title of Thesis Date of Award
WANG Yong Prince Shotoku (Shōtoku Taishi) and Chinese Culture: Theory of the Reincarnation of Eshi That Changed History September 30, 1996
SHIVANI Nandi Socio-Technological Issues of Technology Transfer: A Specific Case Study of the Maruti-Suzuki Collaboration March 24, 1997
MANOJ L. Shrestha Multinational Businesses and Technology Transfer: Business Strategy of Post Echelon Structure March 24, 1997
SUZUKI Sadami Study of Kajii Motojirō March 24, 1997
ITŌ Kenji Japanese Business Management in East Asia: Globalization of Management and Transfer of "Japanese Corporate Management" March 24, 1998
KITAGAWA Katsuhiko Japan: Study of Trading Relations with South Africa March 24, 1999
KOGUCHI Yasuo Omi Imperial Court and Emissaries (Torai-jin) from Abroad: Kudara-Kishitsu-shi and Related People March 24, 1999
TAKADA Yasutaka Study of Life Culture and Change of Social Situations: Japan's High Economic Growth in the 20th Century March 24, 1999
HAMAGUCHI Eshun Principles of Japanology: Japanese People and Society as "Relatum" September 30, 1999
HANIHARA CHOW Misuzu Japanese Literacy in Australia: A Changing Demand over Eighty Years September 28, 2001
KITAGAWA Junko The Nature and Development of Chestnut (Castanea Crenata) and Horse Chestnut (Aesculus Turbinata) Culture in Japan September 30, 2004
OKAMURA Keiji History of Japan Manchukuo Culture Association: From Foundation to Dissolution March 24, 2006
KAGAWA Masanobu Studies of Changing Japanese Perception of Yokai: "Yōkai Goraku" from the Late Kinsei Period September 29, 2006
YAMAGUCHI Hiroshi An Archaeological Study of the Landscapes of Ancient Society: Digital Documentation of Historic Sites and Landscape Analysis September 30, 2011
JIANG Yingyan Changes in the Social Status of Tokugawa Shogunal Retainers: With Special Reference to the Trade in Gokenin-kabu September 28, 2012
SHIBATA Yoriko Paul-Louis Couchoud and Japan: His Life and the Reception of Haiku in France March 22, 2013
NOROTA Jun'ich Aesthetics and Public Art Policy in the Late Tokugawa Period and the Meiji Era March 22, 2013
AONO Masaaki The Logic of State Shinto Established in Colonial Korea : The Shrine Policy of the Japanese Government-General of Korea in the 1930s March 20, 2014
NEGAWA Sachio Historical Studies about the Education of Children of Japanese Descent in Brazil during and before the World War II Period March 20, 2014
KIM Byeongjin The Revolutionary Syndicalist Ōsugi Sakae: His Ideas on Revolution Based on the concept of "Sei no sōzō" [Creation of Life] March 20, 2014
Svetlana KORNEEVA A Historico-Sociological Study of Actions to Contain Quarrels and Altercations during the Early Edo Period: Cases in the Morioka and Kaga Domains March 20, 2014
ISHIKAWA Hajime A Study of Funahashi Seiichi: Reappraising the "Literature of Resistance" March 24, 2015
KADOWAKI Tomohiro A Study of the Transmission and Enforcement of the Shogunate's National Laws in the First Half of the Early Modern Period September 28, 2017
NAGAO Yoko The Cultural Topography of "A Singing Town": Modernity and the Formation of Owara Kaze-no-bon March 23, 2018
LARKING Matthew The Pan Real Art Association as an Early Postwar Avant-Garde of Nihonga March 23, 2018
ISHIKAWA Hajime A Study of Funahashi Seiichi: Reappraising the "Literature of Resistance" September 28, 2018
MATSUMIYA Takayuki Practical Utility in Ruling the Realm and Calligraphy in Modern China: With Special Reference to Guomoruo March 24, 2020
SHINOSAKI Atsushi Research on International Relations and Diplomacy in Heian Japan: The Historical Significance of Intercourse with East Asia from Ancient Times to the Medieval Transition March 24, 2021
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