Can I publish or broadcast images of materials in a publication, on a web page, or on television?

Submit the "Application for Special Use Privileges" form and follow the procedure. Depending on the necessity and the type of material involved, it may be possible to provide master data for images. In addition, depending on how the material will be used you may be charged a fee. For more details, please consult "Application for Special Use Privileges".

Can guests use the library? What should I bring with me?

Prior to your visit you must have your university's library, or the public library in your area, contact Nichibunken on your behalf. The materials you must bring and the procedures you must follow vary depending on the sources you want to use and how you plan to use them. For more details, please consult "User's Guide for Guests".

I'm not a member. Can I borrow materials?

Nichibunken does not loan books to guests. Some sources can be sent to your university library or the public library in your area for you to view. Please ask the staff of your library about this option.

Is the library open on weekends and holidays?

For information on Saturday access, please consult "Saturday Service". The library is closed on Sundays and on holidays.

Can I take pictures of materials with my digital camera?

In general, copy machines should be used to make copies of material from ordinary books. For copying materials that cannot be used with a copy machine, such as certain types of old books and other old materials, you may be allowed to take photos with a digital camera. We will consider how well the source has been preserved and discuss it with you, so please contact us in advance. For more detail, please consult "Copying".

Can I view old maps, photographs, ukiyo-e, monster scrolls, etc.?

Most old maps, photographs, ukiyo-e, and illustrated scrolls have been digitized and can be viewed on the internet. Please access to the "Databases" site. In general, if a digital image is available for viewing, you should access the material digitally.

Contact Us

For details, please consult "Contact Us".

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