Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is there any system for waiver of tuition fees?

There is a system for waiving tuition for students citing economic difficulties and whose academic work is deemed of a high standard. Applications for tuition waivers are offered once each semester each year and are decided on the basis of a fixed screening process.

Q 2. Does the Department have a research assistant system?

The Department does employ research assistants, chosen from among current graduate students, to perform support tasks relating to research and teaching, and a system is in place for allowing RAs to perform duties beneficial to their own research in the Department. A salary is paid for the services performed as a form of financial assistance.

Q 3. Where do students study and research? At Hayama? Or Kyoto?

The headquarters of the Department of Japanese Studies and the base for research guidance and dissertation writing is on the premises of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, located in Kyoto. Some functions for all students of Sokendai, such as the entrance and degree-awarding ceremonies, are held at the Hayama campus, headquarters of Sokendai.

Q 4. Is it necessary to choose an academic supervisor before applying for admission?

Yes, it is necessary to choose an academic supervisor and to consult with the supervisor about the contents of your research before applying for admission. The department administrative staff does not suggest faculty advisors, so applicants should check the faculty profiles provided in the Department brochure and at the Department website in making their choice.

Q 5. Does the Department grant degrees to students residing elsewhere?

Currently many of our students are working toward their degrees while living in areas distant from the Department headquarters. It is necessary, however, to be attend in person the lecture class part of the requirements for the degree.

Q 6. Is it possible to enroll in October?

The Japanese studies program no longer offers October enrollment.

Q 7. Is it possible to apply to another program at the same time?


Q 8. Does the Department have Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC1, 2) fellowships (for doctoral course 1 and 2)?

As of FY 2022, the Department has 2 doctoral course fellowship students (One awarded a grant in 2019 and another in 2022).

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