Guide for Overseas Users and Guests from Overseas

Using the Library

General guidance for overseas users and guests from overseas may be found under "User's Guide for Guests", "Interlibrary Loan Services", and other parts of this the Library page of this website. For further information, please inquire at: riyou* (Please replace * with @)

Guests from Overseas Visiting the Library

Before You Visit the Library

The guidelines are in general identical to those given at the "User's Guide for Guests". After contacting Nichibunken in advance, be sure to bring with you your ID and a letter of introduction issued by your home university or institution.
If you cannot obtain a letter of introduction or ID from your home country, or there is no one in your home institution library through whom you can consult, please send an email to us at the contact address below.

Visiting the Library

If you wish to use the library for two or more successive days, you may be eligible to obtain lodging at Nichibunken House. Please inquire at the contact address below.

Remote and Online Use of the Nichibunken Library

ILL and Document Delivery Service

Copies of materials in the Nichibunken Library may be obtained and original books or materials may be borrowed (for reading within your library) through your university library or a public library near you. If you wish to use this service, please consult your university library or a public library near you. For details please see the "Interlibrary Loan Services".
If your library does not have a specialist for Japanese studies and the staff in charge of ILL encounter difficulties in requesting services from Japan, please ask the person in charge to contact us and we will explain the procedures. please send an email to us at the contact address below.

Nichibunken OPAC (Catalog Search)

Search the holdings in the Nichibunken Library at the Nichibunken OPAC (Catalog Search) page.
Works in Japanese studies written in languages other than Japanese in the Nichibunken Library are called "Gaisho" and the library is in the process of building a comprehensive collection of such works; bibliographic information and availability at the library can be obtained via keyword search at the OPAC page.
Please note that search of the Nichibunken OPAC is possible using the roman spelling of Japanese words even from a computer without Japanese-language input capability. Please follow the example below.

Example: Placing a dollar-sign character before the word ("$genji") will bring the same results as searching for the word in katakana characters (ゲンジ).

Online Use

Some documents in the Nichibunken Library may be used via the Nichibunken website, as follows:


International Research Center for Japanese Studies Library
Library Services Unit (Shiryo Riyo Kakari)
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e-mail:riyou* (Please replace * with @)
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Tel: 81-(0)75-335-2066

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