Introduction to the Department of Japanese Studies


The Japanese Studies program facilitates the pursuit of an international and interdisciplinary Japanese studies encompassing the humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences. Key to this is the involvement of all our faculty in teaching and research guidance.

The program requires candidates to take courses on "Theory and Methodology in Japanese Studies", "Interdisciplinary Research", and "Dissertation Work in Advanced Studies", which provide the theoretical and methodological basis for conducting Japanese studies from a global perspective. Through these courses and guided research, we will foster researchers with creative and highly specialized perspectives, equipped to undertake Japanese studies in the twenty-first century.

For Prospective Students


The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai ) seeks students of any nationality or cultural background who are interested in Japanese studies and motivated to pursue interdisciplinary research from a broad perspective. Accepted students are expected to draw on the diverse knowledge and methodologies of the Japanese Studies Program faculty, and to independently and critically undertake interdisciplinary Japanese studies research. Admissions are open for the three-year doctoral program. Applicants are required to hold a master's degree.

Selection Criteria

Sokendai screens the submitted documents and interviews potential candidates. Along with an assessment of an applicant's academic abilities and capacity to conduct independent research, candidates are evaluated on the originality, theoretical and empirical, of their master's thesis and any other scholarly papers submitted; on the originality, feasibility, and academic potential of the research the applicant seeks to pursue; and on their presentation skills, communication skills, and overall future potential to contribute to the field.


The Japanese Studies Program supports education and research on Japanese culture and civilization in international and interdisciplinary perspective through its diverse faculty and the rich resources of its research environment and aims to nurture researchers with an international and broadminded perspective.


Graduation Requirements

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