Research Support

The Japanese Studies Program provides the following kinds of financial aid in order to help graduate students pursue their studies.

Research Assistant Program

Graduate students in The Japanese Studies Program at Nichibunken who perform support tasks relating to research and teaching are employed as research assistants (RA). A system is in place for allowing RAs to perform duties beneficial to their own research in the Program. A salary is paid for the services performed as a form of financial assistance.

Research-Related Expenses (Travel, Document Reproduction, Etc.)

Graduate Student Research Projects
At The Japanese Studies Program, graduate student research projects are conducted to enhance and develop research toward fulfilling the requirements of the doctoral degree, and support is provided for research activities in the form of funds for presenting papers at symposiums and conferences (travel expenses, document reproduction expenses, etc.).
Additionally, Sokendai operates the SOKENDAI Student Dispatch Program for all its students.

Document Reproduction and Book Purchases

Students of The Japanese Studies Program applying for reproduction of documents at other libraries and institutions via Nichibunken Library are eligible for support to cover the cost of copying. Students may also request the library to obtain books or other materials necessary for the completion of their dissertation.


Japan Student Services Organization Scholarships (for Japanese students)
Outstanding students who need financial assistance in order to advance to graduate study are eligible to apply for two types of loans from the Japan Student Services Organization: Type 1 no-interest loans, and Type 2 interest loans.
Details in Japanese are available here

Privately Funded Scholarships (for self-supporting foreign students)
Sokendai provides recommendations and otherwise supports students' applications to various privately funded scholarships such as those provided by The International Foundation for Japanese Studies.
Details in Japanese are available here

Scholarships obtained by past students (2000-2023; self-supporting foreign students)

Scholarship Number
1 The International Foundation for Japanese Studies 23
2 Japan Student Services Organization 4
3 Suntory Foundation Research Grants 4
4 Fuji Xerox Kobayashi Fund Research Fellowships 2
5 Heiwa Nakajima Foundation Scholarships 1
6 Kyoto Prefecture Honorary Friendship Ambassador-related Scholarships 1
7 Kawashima Shoji Memorial Scholarship Fund 4
8 Society for the Promotion of Buddhism Scholarships 1
9 Hashimoto Jun Memorial Foundation 2
10 The Uehiro Foundation of Ethics and Educationn 1
11 Idemitsu Museum of Arts 1

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Special Research Fellow Program (for doctoral degree students in their second year or later; DC1, DC2)

The "Special Research Fellow" program
This program is designed to give outstanding students the opportunity to concentrate on their research in the early phase of their research activity, enabling them to focus on a freely chosen research topic based on innovative ideas of their own. In order to foster capable and creative scholars who will sustain the future of scientific research in Japan, JSPS provides funding for select doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers who wish to engage in research at universities or other research institutions.
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