User's Guide for Registered Users

Using the Library

NOTE: This user's guide is for Nichibunken affiliates only. Visitors should consult the "User's Guide for Visitors".


Only Nichibunken affiliates may borrow items.
Check out and return books at the circulation desk.

   Books Bound Periodicals
Faculty (including visiting faculty)
Professors emiriti
Sōkendai graduate students & researchers
Up to 100 volumes,
for up to 6 months
Up to 5 volumes,
for 1 week
Joint researchers
Special joint-use researchers
Visiting researchers
Former faculty
Sōkendai graduates
Up to 10 volumes,
for up to 1 month
Up to 5 volumes,
for 1 week
  • Reference works, unbound periodicals, rare books (including parts of the Sōda and Noma collections), and audio-visual materials are non-circulating.
  • Please speak with the staff at the circulation desk if you want to continue using material past its due date (renewals) or if the material you want to use is checked out (holds).
  • On occasion you may be asked to return a book before its due date.
  • Borrowed books may only be used within Nichibunken facilities (Research Wing, Nichibunken House). Please do not take books off the Nichibunken premises, even if you have checked them out.

Using Special Materials

Please make a reservation via the webform (「閉架資料予約フォーム」) at least one day in advance if you want to use materials such as rare books, classical literature, microfilm, audio-visual material, or old maps.


Nichibunken affiliates with Nichibunken copy cards can use the copiers. Please use the overhead scanner to copy oversized and fragile books.
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Reference Services

Begin by talking to the staff at the circulation desk or by e-mail.

  • Bibliographic surveys of Japanese and overseas libraries, location of sources.
  • Specific searches about a bibliographic source.
  • Proxy database searches.

ILL(Reciprocity Agreements)

Begin by talking to the staff at the circulation desk or by e-mail.

  • Requesting and paying for materials (original, copy) from external libraries, archives, etc.
  • Requesting photographs or reproductions from external libraries, archives, etc.
  • Providing enquires, appointments, reference for your visit to external libraries, archives, etc.
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