Graduate Education

Provided by SOKENDAI

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies is a national university founded in 1988 as Japan's first institution of higher learning devoted exclusively to graduate education. The university is a consortium institution dispersed among 20 Inter-University Research Institutes as parent institutes in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Each of the parent institutes offers the finest in graduate education. The university aims to nurture creative international researchers with wide-ranging vision who are capable of leading the latest trends in research.
Nichibunken administers the university's The Japanese Studies Program.

About Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI is considering restricting as of the 2023 academic year, to create a 20-program system under Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies. Due to this change, the Department of Japanese Studies became The Japanese Studies program.

* For more information regarding Graduate Institute for Advanced Studies, please refer to the following link.

About Admission

* The following information is tentative and subject to change. For details, please refer to the application guidelines for this year.
Number of Students to be accepted: Around 3

Application Guideline

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Upon the request of national, public, and private universities in Japan, the Center provides joint graduate instruction, guidance, and advice to facilitate the research of a small number of graduate students each year.

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