Professor Emeritus

Specialized Field(s) Comparative history of culture
Current Research Themes Comparative Cultural Study of Outdoor Recreation
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Professional Experience

1980 Research Associate, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Assistant Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
1996 Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
2014 Professor Emeritus, International Research Center for Japanese Studies


D. Agr., Kyoto University


Co-authored Books
  • ・ 「露伴の都市論を読む」, 井波律子、井上章一編『幸田露伴の世界』共同研究報告書89, 思文閣出版, 2009年
    ( Rohan no toshiron wo yomu, Kōda Rohan no sekai, Shibunkaku Shuppan, 2009 )
  • ・ 「島台考(一)―島台と婚礼」, 『日本研究』 第35集, 国際日本文化研究センター, 2007年
    ( Shimadai Koh I — Shimadai to konrei, Nihon Kenkyu 35, Kokusai Nihon Bunka Kenkyū Sentā, 2007 )
  • ・ 「島台考 ―序説」, 井波律子、井上章一編『表現における越境と混淆』日文研叢書36, 国際日本文化研究センター, 2005年
    ( Shimadai Koh — Josetsu, Hyōgen ni okeru ekkyō to konkō, Kokusai Nihon Bunka Kenkyū Sentā, 2005 )
  • ・ The Development of Japanese Botanical Interest and Dodonaeus’ Role; from Pharmacopoeia to Botany and Horticulture., Dodonaeus in Japan, Leuven University Press, 2001
  • ・ ‘Plant hunters’and Japan: Plants, Collection, and Exhibition, Senri Ethnological Studies No.54, 2000
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  • ・ Attactive Gardens in Asia, Anritsu News Vol.8 No.92, 1999
  • ・ The modernization of transport and communications in Japan, INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM "The Introduction on Modern Science and Technology to Turkey and Japan", 1998
  • ・ The Nature-loving Japanese Culture, Kansai a la carte VOL.6, 1998
  • ・ Karaoke, Japan's Gift to the World, Echoes of Peace 52, Niwano Peace Foundation, 1996
  • ・ A transmisso da cultura japonesa ―Caminhos para um sistema multicultural, O Futuro da Comunidade Nikkey, 1996
  • ・ Chrysanthmes japonais fleuris en Europe., Japonisme et Mode Palais Galliera, Les Muses de la Ville de Paris, 1996
  • ・ Information Studies of Tourism, Senri Ethnological Studies (SES) 38, 1995
  • ・ European Influences on the System and Idea of Early City Parks in Japan, The Third International Planning History Conference, 1989
  • ・ 「菊と万国博」, 吉田光邦編『万国博覧会の研究』, 思文閣出版, 1986年
    ( Hanami to Toshi Edo (Flower Viewing and the City of Edo), Rekishi no Naka no Toshi, Minerva Shobo, October 1986 )
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