Thursday Seminar

The 271st Nichibunken Thursday Seminar

* Depending on the future situation of the COVID-19 infection, this seminar may be changed. Thank you for your understanding. For the latest information, please refer to the Nichibunken website (This page).


Book Review: Yasui Manami, "Nerawareta Shintai: Yamai to Yokai to Gender"
(The Body Under Attack: Sickness, Yokai and Gender)Tokyo, Heibonsha, 2022.


▶ view PDF   COVID-19 has recently been referred to as an "invisible enemy;" but since ancient times, illness and pain appear in nishiki-e and yokai drawings as enemies attacking the body. The book, "The Body under Attack: Sickness, Yokai and Gender," elucidates how people have faced and dealt with danger within anthropology, folklore, and gender studies, from the perspective of “corporeality theory.”

  In this session, the author, Manami YASUI, will introduce the book, while Yoshiyuki IIKURA, who specializes in oral history and Japanese folklore studies (Professor, Kokugakuin University), and Timon SCREECH (Professor, Nichibunken) specializing in Edo period visual culture and art history will comment, followed with a general discussion.

YASUI Manami
Professor,  International Research Center for Japanese Studies
IIKURA Yoshiyuki
Professor,  Kokugakuin University
Professor,  International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Project Research Fellow,  International Research Center for Japanese Studies


Date: 2022.06.23 (Thu) 
Place ONLINE (Zoom)
Start time 16:30 (JST)
End time 18:00
Target audience Open to researchers, including students
Language Japanese
ParticipationIf you would like to take part in this seminar ONLINE, please email us with your name and affiliation by June 16. The URL for the Zoom meeting will be provided by the day before this seminar.
Email kenkyo* (Please replace * with @.)
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