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Edward BOYLE Office of Digital Resources, Publications, and Public Information
Specialized Field(s) Border studies, heritage studies, geopolitics, cartography
Current Research Themes My work examines the production and negotiation of borders from the early-modern to the contemporary era, and constitutes a series of interdisciplinary engagements with notions of sovereignty and territory, issues of spatial representation, the politics of belonging and marginalization, and the material with which the past is remembered in our present. I study borders and borderland spaces in Japan and Northeast Asia more broadly, and also conduct field research in Northeast India and on Palau.
Keywords for Research borders and boundaries, cultural heritage, cartography, regional governance, territorial disputes, immigration, infrastructure, spatial cognition


B.A. First Class, SOAS, University of London
2010 L.L.M., Faculty of Law, Hokkaido University
2018 Ph.D., Politics, Hokkaido University

Professional Experience

2015 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Kyushu University
2018 Research Associate, Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University
Associate Professor, Office of Digital Resources, Publications, and Public Information, International Research Center for Japanese Studies


  • ・ Lapped by the Tide: Borders of Memory on the island of Peleliu, Palau, Frontiers of Memory in the Asia-Pacific Difficult Heritage and the Transnational Politics of Postcolonial Nationalism, Hong Kong University Press, August 2022, pp.27-44
  • ・ Shifting borders of memory: Japan’s Industrial Heritage Information Centre, Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development 12.1, emerald publishing, 2022, pp.19-31
  • ・ Illuminating Edges: Borders as Institutions, Process, Space, Decoding the Sino-North Korean Borderlands, Amsterdam University Press, 2021, pp.27-44
  • ・ 「パラオの戦跡-記憶化の視点から」, 『知っておきたいパラオ ― ボーダーランズの記憶を求めて』, 北海道大学出版会, 2020年
  • ・ Mapping of the Maritime Boundaries at Japan’s Northern Edge in the 19th Century, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History, Oxford University Press, 2020
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  • ・ Borders of Memory: affirmation and contestation over Japan’s heritage, Japan Forum 31(3), 2019, pp.293-312
  • ・ Sketching Layers in Japan: Mineral wealth, geo-bodies and imperial territory, Mapping Empires, Springer, 2019, pp.3-22
  • ・ Cartographic Exchange and Territorial Creation: Rewriting Northern Japan in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Dissemination of Cartographic Knowledge , Springer, 2018, pp.75-98
  • ・ Imperial Practice and the making of modern Japan’s territory: Towards a reconsideration of Empire’s boundaries, Geographical review of Japan series B 88(2), 公益社団法人 日本地理学会, 2016, pp.66-79
  • ・ 「徳川幕府による蝦夷地の創造 : 国家、領域及び地図」, 『北大法学論集』第63巻2号, 2012年
Co-authored Articles
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  • ・ Edward Boyle, Akihiro Iwashita, Bordering and Scaling Northeast Asia, Asian Geographer 38(2), 2021, pp.119-138
  • ・ Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman, Edward Kieran Boyle, Infrastructure as Archive: Recording the State’s Materiality along the Brahmaputra, Roadsides 5, 2021, pp.60-67
  • ・ Edward Boyle, Sara Shneiderman, Redundancy, Resilience, Repair: Infrastructural Effects in Borderland Spaces, Verge: Studies in Global Asias 6(2), 2020, pp.112-138
  • ・ Edward Kieran Boyle, Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman, Labouring for Connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh, Roadsides 2, 2019, pp.96-109
Other Publications
  • ・ 「「記憶の境界」からみる沖縄のいま」, 『日文研』67号, 国際日本文化研究センター, 2022年09月, pp.24-30
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