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ENOMOTO Wataru Research Division
Specialized Field(s) Medieval history of international exchange
Current Research Themes My research focuses on relations between Japan and other countries from the ninth through fourteenth centuries. While Japan’s interest in diplomacy was low in this period, private or unofficial relations with other countries were even more active than before or after that time. As manifestations of that activity, I take up mainly merchants engaged in overseas trade and priests who went to China to study.
Keywords for Research apan, Heian Era, Kamakura Era, Nambokucho Era, China, Tang, Wudai, Song, Yuan, Korea, Silla, Goryo, Trade, Merchant, Trade Ship, Cultural Exchange, Diplomacy, Buddhist Monk, Zen Buddhism, Maritime Area, East China Sea, Port of Trade, Port City, Trade Control, Shibosi, Dazaifu, Hakata, Tsushima Island, Ningbo


1998 M.A., University of Tokyo
2000 B.A., University of Tokyo

Professional Experience

2001 Special Researcher (DC2), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2003 Special Researcher (PD), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Assistant Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo
Research Fellow, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, The University of Tokyo
Research Fellow, Kangwon National University
Associate Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
2023 Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies


2000 M.A., University of Tokyo
2006 D., Litt., University of Tokyo


Co-authored Books
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  • ・ 「日宋・日元貿易船の乗員規模」, 『国立歴史民俗博物館研究報告』第223集, 国立歴史民俗博物館, 2021年03月, pp.31-40
    ( Scale of Crew and Passengers on Trading Ships between Japan and China in the Song to Yuan Periods, Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History 223, 2021, pp.31-40 )
  • ・ 「テムルの日本招諭と一山一寧・燕公楠」, 『史学研究』300号, 廣島史学研究会, 2018年07月, pp.30-58
    ( Yishan Yining and Yan Gongnan in Temur's Diplomacy to Japan, Review of historical studies 300, 2018, pp.30-58 )
  • ・ 「宋日・元日間海上航路와高麗島嶼地域」, 『해양문화재』, 2016年12月, pp.72-122
  • ・ 「平安末期天台宗における宋代仏教へのまなざし―栄西入宋の前提として―」, 『佛教史學研究』59巻1号, 2016年11月, pp.19-41
    ( Interest in Buddhism of Song China in Tendai Sect in the late Heian Period: as the Premise of Monk Eisai's Travelling to Song China, The Bukkyo Shigaku Kenkyu 59-1, 2016, pp.19-41 )
  • ・ Trade Administrated by Maritime Trade Offices (Shibosi) in Song China and by Dazaifu in Heian Japan, Memoirs of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko 72, May 2015, pp.27-56
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  • ・ 「平安末期日本対中国医学的接受」, 復旦大学文史研究院編『中国的日本認識 日本的中国認識』, 中華書局, 2015年04月, pp.3-16
  • ・ 「一三世紀の東アジア情勢と高麗・大越・日本」, 劉建輝編『日越交流における歴史、社会、文化の諸課題[ベトナムシンポジウム 2013]』, 国際日本文化研究センター, 2015年03月, pp.17-24
    ( 13 seiki no Higashi Ajia jyōsei to Kōrai, Daietsu, Nihon, March 2015 )
  • ・ 「宋元交替と日本」, 『岩波講座 日本歴史第七巻 中世2』, 岩波書店, 2014年04月, pp.77-112
    ( Japan in the Period of Song-Yuan Transition in China, Iwanami Lecture Series: Japanese History,vol.7, Medieval Era 2, Iwanami Shoten, April 2014, pp.77-112 )
  • ・ 「平安王朝と中国医学――12世紀を中心に」, 『東京大学日本史学研究室紀要別冊 中世政治社会史論叢』, 2013年, pp.3-15
    ( Chinese Medicine in Heian Dynasty:Especially on the 12th Century, Bulletin of the Department of Japanese History, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo (Extra issue), 2013, pp.3-15 )
  • ・ 「長崎晧臺寺と福州鼓山―『日域洞上諸祖伝』撰述の背景―」, 『駒澤大学禅研究所年報』24, 2012年, pp.69-97
    ( Kotaiji Temple in Nagasaki and Gushan Temple in Fuzhou, Annual Report of the Zen Institute 24, 2012, pp.69-97 )
  • ・ The Current State of Research on the History of Japan’s Contacts with Other Countries in the First Half of the Medieval Period, ACTA ASIANTICA No.103, 2012
  • ・ 「入元日本僧椿庭海寿と元末明初の日中交流―新出僧伝の紹介を兼ねて―」, 『東洋史研究』70-2, 2011年, pp.66-104
    ( The Japanese Monk Chintei Kaiju who Traveled to Yuan and the Relation between Japan and Late-Yuan and Early-Ming China, Toyoshi Kenkyu 70-2, 2011, pp.66-104 )
  • ・ 「東シナ海の宋海商」, 『日本の対外関係3 通交・通商圏の拡大』, 吉川弘文館, 2010年12月, pp.30-59
    ( Song Maritime Traders in East China Sea, Foreign Relations of Japan, vol.3; Expansion of Traffic and Commercial Sphere, Yoshikawa Kobunkan, December 2010 )
  • ・ 「日本の墨蹟史料から見た南宋期の海上貿易」, 『大阪市立大学東洋史論叢』別冊特集号, 2009年, pp.49-67
    ( Maritime Trade in South Song China in view of Calligraphies in Japan, Traffic, Trade and National Foreign Policy in East Asia Maritime World (OCU Asian History Special Feature), Asian History Program Osaka City University, 2009 )
  • ・ 「『喫茶養生記』の時代における中国の文物・文化」, 『鎌倉時代の喫茶文化』, 茶道資料館, 2008年, pp.90-104
    ( Chinese Items and Culture in the Age of “Kissa Yojoki”, Tea Drinking Culture in Kamakura Era, Chado Shiryokan, 2008 )
  • ・ 「日中禅僧の交流 玉山草堂のこと」, 『水墨画・墨蹟の魅力』, 吉川弘文館, 2008年, pp.153-179
    ( Japan-China Exchange by Zen Monks - On Yushan Caotang -, Charm of Ink Paintings (Suibokuga) and Zen Calligraphies (Bokuseki), Yoshikawa Kobunkan, 2008 )
  • ・ 「『板渡の墨蹟』から見た日宋交流」, 『東京大学日本史学研究室紀要』12, 2008年, pp.1-21
    ( Itawatashi no Bokuseki" (Calligraphy on Sending Timber) as a Material for Traffic between Japan and Song China, Bulletin of the Faculty of Japanese History at the University of Tokyo 12, 2008 )
  • ・ Goryo in the Traffic between Japan and Song/Yuan China - with Buddhism Historical Materila -, Japan-Korea Comparative Study concerned with the Situation and Environment of Medieval Port City Site, Report of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research in 2003-2007 (represented by MURAI Shosuke), 2008
  • ・ 「新羅海商と唐海商」, 『前近代の日本列島と朝鮮半島』, 山川出版社, 2007年, pp.81-94
    ( Silla Maritime Traders and Tang Maritime Traders, Pre-Modern Japan Islands and Korea Peninsula, Yamakawa Shuppansha Ltd., 2007 )
  • ・ 「宋代市舶司貿易にたずさわる人々」, 『港町に生きる』シリーズ港町の世界史3, 青木書店, 2006年, pp.67-94
    ( People Concerned with Shibosi Trade in Song China, Port Cities in World History vol.3 Living in Port Cities, Aoki Shoten Publishing, Co., Ltd., 2006 )
  • ・ 「『栄西入唐縁起』からみた博多」, 『中世都市研究』11, 交流・物流・越境 新人物往来社, 2005年, pp.83-102
    ( Hakata viewed with “Eisai Nitto Engi”, Medieval City Studies 11, 2005 )
  • ・ Updates on Song History Studies in Japan: The History of Japan-Song Relations, Journal of Song-Yuan Studies 33, 2004, pp.225-234
  • ・ 「中国史料に見える中世日本の度牒」, 『禅学研究』82, 2004年, pp.57-83
    ( The Monk Certificates of Medieval Japan, Studies in Zen Buddhism 82, 2004, pp.57-83 )
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