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Korean Photo Picture Postcards


Photo picture postcards of Korea published 1900–1940 (collection of Yamamoto Shunsuke, Kyoto; former researcher at the Koryo Museum of Art, Kyoto) are presented in digital format together with publication data and other details (Opened on December 25th, 2017).
They are classified under (I) landscapes; (II) scenes of everyday life; (III) Post Office-issued (kansei) postcards, commemorative postcards; (IV) postmarked postcards, postcard packets; (V) photograph/stereo-photograph cards; (VI) sightseeing guides, etc.; and (VII) donated postcards. (Click here for the composition of each category.)
Besides keyword search, the database has an image-magnification function as well as function for sorting and display by publisher, address-side frame, shape, and so forth. The screen that displays detailed data on the cards also displays multiple images based on a keyword entered so that researchers and other users can easily search and retrieve relevant data.

- Picture postcard titles include terms that may be considered inappropriate today; they should be considered in their historical context, reflecting usages of the times. The same is true for the correspondence side of the cards.
- Careful research has been done regarding the content of the used postcards and envelopes, but users who find errors or inappropriate content in the database are welcome to contact us at the following address.

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Data Count:8,382 items (As of March. 2021)

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