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    共同研究「応永・永享期文化論」の紹介 / 呉座勇一(助教)
    Team Research, “A Theory of Culture during the Ōei and Eikyō Eras” / GOZA Yūichi(Assistant Professor)

    日文研次世代の国際共同研究・研究協力への模索 / 稲賀繁美(教授)
    Exploring International Team Research and Collaboration for Next-generation Nichibunken Scholars / INAGA Shigemi(Professor)

    「日本の凧絵」一箱の寄贈 / セシル・ラリ(武蔵大学講師/元日本学術振興会研究員)
    The Donation of a Box of Japanese Kite Paintings / Cecile LALY(Lecturer, Musashi University/Former JSPS Research Fellow)


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