"Database of Postcards from Art Exhibitions held in pre-war Japan" is now open on the Nichibunken website


The “Database of Postcards from Art Exhibitions held in pre-war Japan” consists mainly of images of postcards collected by Nichibunken showing the works shown at art exhibitions in Japan beginning with the first state art exhibition held in 1907 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, known as “Bunten” (Monbushō Bijitsu Tenrankai); from the “Teiten” (Teikoku Bijutsuin Tenrankai) exhibitions reorganized from 1919 by the Imperial Academy of Arts; from exhibitions known as “Shinbunten” (New Bunten) held by the Ministry of Culture from 1937 (following the reorganization of the Imperial Academy of Arts); and also from exhibitions of the non-governmental “Nikakai” (Nika Association), a society of independent artists organized in 1914.

In order to provide reference information on the background and circumstances surrounding the holding of the exhibitions, the database also includes some of the catalogues of the exhibitions.

Currently the database makes available postcards from the first through twelfth Bunten exhibitions, and will be updated regularly with further additions.

All the images provided are those for which the copyright protection period has expired.

> Database of Postcards from Art Exhibitions held in pre-war Japan

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