Rōkyoku (Naniwabushi) Digital Archive is now open on the Nichibunken website

Nichibunken announces the opening of its new Rōkyoku (Naniwabushi) Digital Archive of approximately 10,000 standard-playing (SP) records of traditional narrative storytelling covering the period from the beginning to the middle of the twentieth century. The collection includes numerous historically valuable original recordings including Naniwatei Aizō’s (1870–1906) “Gotō Fushitarō no den” (The Tale of Gotō Fushitarō)—the first rōkyoku ever recorded in Japan in February 1903—and “Tōkyō yori Tōkaidō ekimei zukushi” (Enumeration of the Tōkaidō Line Station Names from Tokyo). Recordings for which copyright protection has expired, images of all the records, rōkyoku balladeers ranking lists (banzukehyō), posters, and related materials are open for public access online. Recordings still under copyright may be accessed if on the premises of Nichibunken. Digitalization of original records is ongoing, and further material will be added to the database.
Rōkyoku (Naniwabushi) Digital Archive
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