Our response to the new coronavirus infectious disease (Report no.9)

At Nichibunken, for the foreseeable future, we shall respond to the New Coronavirus Infection in the following fashion:
  • All visitors to Nichibunken are requested to wear a mask, to disinfect their hands and to undergo a temperature check in the entrance hall.
    Visitors from those areas subject to a state of emergency declaration are asked to refrain from visiting the center.

  • With regard to events held at Nichibunken for the general public, we are committed to a  thorough-going implementation of measures against the New Coronavirus in accord with guidelines set down by the government and by Kyoto Prefecture.

  • We prohibit in principle all overseas travel by Nichibunken staff; this includes travel for personal reasons.

*We are liable to change our response to the New Coronavirus Infection at any moment depending on circumstances.
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