Japanese Studies in Europe: A Conference on Academic Exchange – Emergency Conference: The evolvement of “Global Japanese Studies” after/with COVID-19 and the Significance of the Consortium –

Organizer : Consortium for Global Japanese Studies
Dates : Friday 11 December ~ Sunday 13 December 2020 
Venue : Conference Room 1, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Registration : Required (participation through Zoom)
Fee : Free
Target audience : Researchers (keynote lecture and report are open to the public)
Language : Japanese (English as may be necessary)
Details : Please refer to the Consortium website 

  • ポスター(日本語)ポスター(日本語)
  • 会議スケジュール(日本語)1会議スケジュール(日本語)1
  • 会議スケジュール(日本語)2会議スケジュール(日本語)2
  • Poster (English)Poster (English)
  • Conference programme (English)Conference programme (English)
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