Nichibunken Evening Seminar

The 255th Nichibunken Evening Seminar


Japanese Contemporary Art in the Lining


▶ view PDF "The world of the future might be like Japan is today - super flat." (The Super Flat Manifesto, Murakami Takashi, 2000). What can we say about this sentence today ? Is Japan still the place where the future of the world is being shaped, and more precisely, are contemporary Japanese artists producing the images of the future? While for some contemporary Japanese artists the real slogan today would be No Future, what images of the future persist or resist? Taking the example of the artists' collective Chim↑Pom, we will see that the new images of the future, particularly since 03/11, are developing an aesthetic of the lining, which competes with that of the Superflat.
Clelia Florence ZERNIK
Visiting Research Scholar, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
MURAI Noriko
Professor, Sophia University
Edward BOYLE
Associate Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies


Date: 2024.01.18 (Thu) 
Seminar Room 1, International Research Center for Japanese Studies and ONLINE (Zoom)
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