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Global Japanese Studies Researcher’s Database (NichiNet)


Nichibunken has developed several databases of researchers and institutions related to Japanese Studies to facilitate exchange and cooperation among Japanese Studies scholars around the world. NichiNet is part of that effort. At present, it contains information about researchers affiliated with the member institutions of the Consortium for Global Japanese Studies and members of team research projects organized by Nichibunken. We plan to add new data and update the database regularly. We hope NichiNet serves as a platform for networking among Japanese studies scholars. NichiNet may be used only by members of academic institutions for academic purposes.

■ The following are some of the situations when this database may be used.

  1. Search researchers to give a lecture.
  2. Find participants/collaborators for an international research project.
  3. Find joint research team members.
  4. Search researcher by keywords.
  5. Help overseas students to search for prospective advisors
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