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A Theory of Culture during the Ōei and Eikyō periods: Between Popular Views of History on “Kitayama Culture” and “Higashiyama Culture”

Project Leader

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OOHASHI Naoyoshi

The subject of Muromachi culture generally evokes images of either Kitayama culture or Higashiyama culture. The former flowered during the time Ashikaga Yoshimitsu was in power. It is known for the merging of the culture of the nobility and that of the samurai and the active introduction of Zen Buddhism and other elements of continental culture. Higashiyama culture covers the period of eighth shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa’s rule, the Ōnin War and later. Distinguished for outstanding paintings, architecture, gardens, literature, performing arts, and artistic disciplines (geidō), it is often described as the wellspring of Japanese culture. The Kitayama and Higashiyama cultures are represented by the Golden Pavilion and Silver Pavilion, respectively, the former located in the western part of Kyoto and the latter in the eastern part. The two pavilions are strong icons, so firmly fixing images of Kitayama and Higashiyama cultures that understandings of “Muromachi culture” have become quite rigid.
 Our research focuses on the half-century period—sandwiched by these two cultures— that extends from the Ōei to Eikyō eras, ruled by Ashikaga Yoshimochi and Yoshinori,and examines cultural phenomena of various sorts from multiple perspectives and approaches including history, literature (philology), art history, and intellectual history. The project thereby seeks to place this period clearly in the context of the cultural history of Japan and, in particular, of the Muromachi period.

センター研究者等 榎本 渉 国際日本文化研究センター・准教授
共同研究員 大橋 直義 実践女子大学・教授
高橋 悠介 慶應義塾大学附属研究所斯道文庫・准教授
橋本 正俊 摂南大学外国語学部・教授
猪瀬 千尋 金沢大学人間社会研究域歴史言語文化学系・准教授
今枝 杏子 神戸女学院大学/奈良女子大学・非常勤講師
大河内 智之 和歌山県立博物館・主任学芸員
川口 成人 京都府立京都学・歴彩館 京都学推進課・主事
川本 慎自 東京大学史料編纂所・准教授
小助川 元太 愛媛大学教育学部・教授
小山 順子 京都女子大学文学部・教授
坂本 亮太 和歌山県立博物館・主査学芸員
重田 みち 京都造形芸術大学通信教育部・非常勤講師
谷口 雄太 東京大学文学部・研究員
貫井 裕恵 神奈川県立金沢文庫・学芸員
山田 徹 同志社大学文学部・准教授
芳澤 元 明星大学人文学部・准教授
伊藤 伸江 愛知県立大学日本文化学部・教授
伊藤 慎吾 國學院大學栃木短期大学日本文化学科・准教授
海外共同研究員 亀田 俊和 国立台湾大学日本語文学系・助理教授
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