The 24th Nichibunken International Symposium

Japanese Studies After 3.11

Ostasiatisches Institut/Japanologie, Universität Leipzig

Notes for participants

Language for Presentation

  • Language for Presentation is either English or Japanese:  Please prepare your PPT and/or handouts in the other language (e.g. If you would speak in English, please write PPT manuscript and/or handouts in Japanese)


Session schedule

New Generation Panel;

  • 20 minutes for each presentation (80 minutes)
    **** 10 minutes for break **** (10 minutes)
  • 15 minutes for a comment by discussants (30 minutes)
  • 60 minutes for discussion (60 minutes)


Session 1, 2 and 3

  • 20 minutes for each presentation (80 or 60 minutes)
    **** 15 minutes for break **** (15 minutes)
  • 15 minutes for a comment by discussant (15 minutes)
  • 60 minutes for discussion (60 minutes)

Please note that all speakers are kindly requested to strictly observe the allotted presentation time.


Presentation file

  • Please bring your presentation files on a USB drive to the registration desk in the morning of your presentation. But if your presentation files include audio (sound or voice), animation or short movie file(s) , you are advised to save each file separately, and please send them at least one day before of your presentation.
  • If you would like distribute your presentation on paper at the symposium, please send your file to, no later than 31 October.

    [Notes] Presentation format can be either PowerPoint or Keynote. If possible, please convert your presentation file to PDF format and bring it with the original file to the venue.

  • To avoid trouble, it is preferable to use commonly-used font, such as Times New Roman/Times, or Arial/Helvetica for your presentation.
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