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ߤΤȤʸ楻󥿡Ǥ1997ǯʹߤǤ1997ǯ ӶǯΤΤϡ缡äƹԤͽǤˡǯȤδʪꥹȡӡؿ޽ʹ٤ȡؤ٤ؤ ϢܤΰǺܤޤǯ夢뤤Ϲܤ򥯥åƤܰꥹȤɽޤܤΤ󥯤ĥäܤ˴ؤƤϡ ܥ򥯥åƤиʸʸؤΥǽǤ


ʤԤ줿ʸϤȡ˰ƱĤäƤ礬ޤ餺ΤޤͤΤΩƤйǤ٤ƤܤʸؤΥ󥯤ΤϡޤȤʤꤽǤJapan ReviewӡܸٷǺܤʸȡֱϡ ܥۡڡΥ󥯤ˤäơľܥɤ뤤ϻȤǽǤ


Welcome to the "Profile of Prof. Shigemi Inaga".
You have access to the list of publications and public lectures by Shigemi Inaga from 1997 to present (work in progress, for eternity, until S.I.'s death...). Some of the titles are directly linked with the complete text (though only partially realized for the time being). As for publications in Japan Review and Nihon Kenkyu, you will be able to download from the Nichibunken website.


Inaga's lectures at the Nichibunken may also be viewed as movies on The Internet Broadcast of the Nichibunken website. It is my pleasure if this modest reference tool can facilitate your research.


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